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What Will Happen if You Leave Your Gum Disease Untreated?

Gum disease is a relatively common oral health issue found mostly in patients with poor oral condition. If you don't follow a healthy oral care routine and don't go for routine oral care check-ups at least twice a year, you may be prone to gum diseases. Gum disease in Austin has a major impact on dental implants. The initial symptoms of gum diseases are mild. So not everyone can identify the problem at an early stage, and the disease keeps advancing to a severe level. Proper periodontal care in Austin, can prevent gum diseases at origin, ensuring you lead a healthy life.

What is Gum Disease?

To know the consequences of not getting your gum disease treated, you should first understand what gum disease is. If you don't brush or floss properly and regularly, plaque may start building on your teeth. If ignored, the plaque can harden over time and take the shape of a serious periodontal disease. Those who allow it to grow by not scheduling a check-up for gum disease in Austin by a reliable dentist are more likely to face harsh consequences. You can identify if you have gum disease or not by keeping an eye on the following symptoms.

Symptoms of Gum Disease in Austin:

  1. Receding gums.
  2. Pus between the teeth and gums.
  3. Change in bite.
  4. Persistent bad breath.
  5. Bleeding gums while brushing or flossing.
  6. Loose teeth or separating teeth.

If you experience these symptoms, you may schedule a consultation call or a check-up appointment with periodontal care in Austin, Dr. Steve Flores, a highly experienced dentist working at Periodontal Health Professionals. LLC.

Consequences of Not Getting the Gum Disease Treated in Austin:

If you keep avoiding your gum diseases, you will start feeling constant discomfort in and around the affected area. Gum disease in Austin may not trouble much in the initial stage, but it will start affecting the tissues connecting your teeth to the gums as it advances. The pockets responsible for holding teeth from the gum line will begin widening, and you may even lose your tooth.

While good gum care in Austin, should always be your priority whether you have gum disease or not, it becomes mandatory for patients identified to have dental issues related to gums. Untreated gum disease can lead to frequent pain while chewing food and start affecting your everyday routine tasks.

Visit Our Periodontist for Gum Disease in Austin:

If you don't want your gum disease to reach that stage, start taking care of your dental health from today. Our periodontist in Austin Dr.Steve Flores who practices at Periodontal Health Professionals. LLC. is a seasoned professional to consider if you are domiciled in Austin. Visit our website of the clinic to gather more information regarding appointments and services offered. Dial them at (512) 443-5704 and have a conversation today.


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