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Scaling and Root Planing in Austin

If your gums bleed when you brush teeth or when you eat food then you must be cautious about gum problems. Gingivitis is one of the common dental infections caused by bacteria that feed on food residue in the oral cavity. The bacteria form a biofilm of plaque which hardens to become calculus and tarter. Brushing teeth or flossing cannot remove these hardened minerals and they accumulate below the gum-line to form gum pockets. The soft gum tissue gets irritated and infected from bacteria. If left untreated, the bacteria can worsen the condition and start affecting supporting structure and roots of teeth. Our dental office is dedicated to protecting people from dental problems. If you have red gums make an appointment with our periodontist and we can help you through procedures like scaling and root planing in Austin, TX.

Scaling and root planing – What happens at the dentist’s chair?

Our periodontists firstly examine the oral health of patients. They make a note of the symptoms and medical history. One good way to check the condition of gums is to measure the depth of pockets that are formed at the base of the teeth where gums seal the teeth roots. The deeper the pockets are the severe the gum recession turns out to be. Scaling and Root Planing is done to clear the tarter from gum pockets and ensure better contact between teeth and gums. Numbing agents may be used during the treatment to relieve patients from discomfort. An ultrasonic device, which has a metal tip vibrating at high frequency, is used for the purpose of clearing tarter from teeth surface and below the gum-line. Hand instruments are also used during the process to clear the hardened material from the gum pockets. Root planing involves removal of infection from the tooth root and smoothening the area. Once the process is complete patient may feel discomfort for few days after the treatment. Our periodontist may suggest antiseptic mouth rinse and follow-up appointments to ensure that periodontist is under control.


Scaling is removing the calculus (tartar) deposits from your teeth to prevent the occurrence of gum disease or tooth decay. An anesthetic or sedation is not required to perform this treatment

Root planning

Root planing is the smoothing of the root surfaces so that the gum tissue can reattach to the tooth. This procedure is usually done in one or two appointments under local anesthetic.


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