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Periodontal Care in Austin TX

Good oral hygiene is important for oral health. Healthy gums act like an elastic band that helps seal the entry of bacteria into deeper tissues. Diseased tissues are normally swollen, can be easily separated from teeth and hence they are vulnerable to bacterial toxins. Gum Disease occur due to several reasons; the number one on the list is poor oral hygiene. Smoking can aggravate gum disease. Diseases such as diabetes and AIDS can place a person at a higher risk for periodontal disease. Preventive care such as regular cleaning of your teeth reduces bacterial load and helps maintain your gums healthily. Our aim is to educate our patients about gum disease and its causes and take steps to prevent its progression. Specialized in gum care, our periodontists are able to treat complex cases in the city of Austin, TX.

Periodontal Treatment in Austin

During a periodontal evaluation, periodontists use a periodontal probe to measure the spaces between the teeth and gums. In a healthy mouth, this is usually less than 3 mm deep. As the disease progresses the pocket depths deepens. The treatment rendered is based on the stage of the disease.

SCALING AND ROOT PLANING involves removal of plaque and tartar from the base of the pockets using specialized instruments. This can be done in one or several visits. The root surfaces of the teeth are smoothed (or ‘planed’) to allow the gum tissue to heal and reattach to the root surface. Your periodontist may recommend local delivery of medications to help control infection and pain and to aid in the healing. For more information on the treatment please visit Scaling and root planning page.

Lasers may be used to kill bacteria in deep pockets that cannot be reached by instruments and to help shrink the pockets. This is referred to as ‘LASER GUM SURGERY’. Even with these measures, in some patients, the periodontal disease progresses to cause advanced periodontitis. In these situations, your periodontist recommends gum surgery.

Soft Tissue Grafting

Our periodontist in Austin, Dr. Toloue is a specialist in performing soft tissue grafting. The process involves recreation or regeneration of soft tissues. It helps to improve the quality of the gum tissue and aid oral hygiene. Soft tissue grafting can be used to treat gingival recessions in select cases and to increase the bulk of gum tissues in pontic sites.
To learn more about gum disease and their treatment, visit our dental office based in Austin, Texas.


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