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Gingival Surgery with Bone Grafting

The main cause of periodontal disease is bacteria in the form of sticky, colorless plaque that forms on your teeth. However, many factors can cause periodontal disease or influence its progression. Your bone and gum tissue should fit snugly around your teeth. When you have periodontal disease, this supporting tissue and bone are destroyed and pockets develop. Eventually, too much bone is lost, and the teeth need to be extracted and restored with a new restorative like the dental bridge or an implant. A regenerative procedure can reverse some of the damaged bone that supports your teeth by regenerating lost bone and tissue.

Bone Regeneration in Austin

Tooth loss from decay or trauma can lead to loss of supporting bone structure. For the placement of dental implant sufficient bone volume is absolutely necessary. Our periodontists are experts in performing periodontal treatment and dental implant surgeries. Our bone regeneration treatment in Austin, TX can help patients gain bone volume to support their dental implants. Our dental professionals have several years of experience in performing these procedures. We have successfully replaced missing teeth in many of our patients in the city.

The need for Bone Regeneration

Tooth extraction or tooth loss leaves a gap in the dentition. The root of a natural tooth keeps the jawbone healthy by transferring bite forces through muscle tissues. When a tooth is missing there is no stimulation for supporting bone and as a result, the bone starts to shrink. Dental implants require a healthy bone structure for support. With the help of bone regeneration, a dentist can build the bone to hold the dental implant.

Bone Regeneration – Treatment

There are basically two methods followed by periodontists for the bone regeneration process. The first process involves filling the socket after tooth extraction. This method is helpful when patients plan to replace the lost tooth soon after extracting their destroyed or decayed tooth. The dental professional fills the hole in the supporting bone, which is left after removal of a tooth, with bone grafting material. The bone is left to heal for a few months. Patients can undergo dental implant surgery after the bone is healed. In cases where there is more bone loss, the periodontists may choose to place a block of bone that is shaped in perfection to fill the area. The healing time required for this procedure is more. Periodontists may use titanium screws to hold the piece of bone in place.


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