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Am I Qualified for Dental Implants if I Already Have Gum Disease?

Bearing the problem of missing teeth is something that can really put your woes on the edge. With loss of tooth, you ought to suffer from different problems posing threat to overall oral health. So, dental implants are a must. In our previous blog, we have explained the 9 finest treatment choices for gum diseases in Austin. However, with severe gum disease, your entire teeth, roots and gums are at risk. Gum diseases can culminate in tooth loss. So, if you have a gum disease, but need a dental implant done, then immediate gum care is needed.

Who Is Not Rated as an Ideal Candidate for Dental Implants in Austin?

You might have heard a lot of times that the ideal candidate for dental implants are the ones with missing teeth. However, in order to get a safe dental implant, you need to have adequate bone mass to support the implant. Teeth care in Austin is highly essential for dental implants. More so, you need to have a healthy jawbone, teeth and gums to go for dental implants. The dentist will carry out an X-ray to examine the prevailing health status in your mouth.

If I Already Have Gum Disease, Is It Secure To Opt for Dental Implants in Austin?

As soon as you spot a gum disease issue, get it fixed right away by a periodontist. It's always safe to cure the gum disease first and then go for any tooth replacement. Also, don't assume that you will have tooth loss with gum disease. Consult a practitioner at periodontal care in Austin to learn if you really require a dental implant or not.

Signs and Symptoms of Gum Disease in Austin:

Dental care can relieve you from painful decayed and infected gums caused by gum disease in Austin. Certain symptoms regarding gum diseases are:

  1. Swollen red colored gums
  2. Receding gums
  3. Pain while chewing
  4. Pain while brushing
  5. Bleeding post brushing
  6. Persistent foul smell in mouth
  7. Deep pocket like development between teeth and gums
  8. Tenderness in gums
  9. Tooth loss

Dental Implant Care and Maintenance:

Post dental implant, you need to ensure daily care to avoid any harm to the affected area. Your dental implants in Austin expert will suggest you some care and maintenance tips which you need to judiciously follow.

  1. You need to gently brush twice a day and no compromise on this
  2. You need to cleanse your mouth with mouth cleaner and lukewarm water
  3. Ensure that no food particles are stuck on your teeth
  4. Floss your teeth well


So, if you have a gum disease, it's always advisable to cure it first and then go for dental implants. Dr. Steve Flores is a leading periodontist in Austin who can fix your gum issue first and then carry out dental implant procedure. Periodontal Health Professionals. LLC where Dr. Steve Flores practices provides the finest gum care. To avail the finest periodontal care dial us at 512-443-5704 and have a conversation right away.


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