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Why Should You Visit A Periodontist For Dental Implants?

Are you confused whether to visit an oral surgeon or a dental expert for your dental implants? But when it comes to dental implants, periodontists are the experts. An experienced periodontist, like the Periodontal health professionals. LLC in Austin TX 78746 is hard to choose from. Below are some valid reasons to visit a periodontist for your dental implants:

Major Reasons for visiting a Periodontist:

1. Well-Qualified:

Periodontists need to go through strict examinations to earn the board degree and certification. This qualification is backed by extensive training and experience.

2. Additional Training:

Periodontists receive additional training compared to general dentists. After completing general dentistry training, periodontists go for an additional 3 years of residency training wherein they also work with certified professionals to learn the art of placing dental implants.

3. Surgical and non-surgical treatments:

Certified periodontists are adept in carrying out non-surgical treatments like root planing and scaling. They are also efficient in performing surgical periodontal procedures like gingivectomy, pocket reduction, regeneration, etc.

4. Prevent gum diseases:

We are one of the reputed clinics offering perfect dental implants in Austin. We are well-equipped in planting your dental implants without affecting the rest of your teeth. We are knowledgeable in preventing, controlling and treating gum diseases.

5. Reduce further complications:

Our periodontist in Austin TX 78746 are well trained in reducing any other dental complications. There is a high chance of developing additional dental issues while undergoing dental implants. Getting it done with a periodontal specialist will ensure that you get higher success rate and lower chance of further complications.

6. Other Cosmetic Surgeries:

Periodontists are also skilled at doing cosmetic surgeries like ridge augmentation. Often, individuals complaining about dental aesthetic issues like small teeth or excess gum leading to gummy smile visit periodontists for discussing the problem.

7. Gum specialists:

Periodontal practitioners skillfully remove and reshape the extra gum and adjacent tissues around your dental implants to offer you the smile you desire. Periodontists are the gum experts who can provide an ultimate solution than other dental practitioners.

8. Aesthetics:

Finally, dental implants need to be placed aesthetically as well so that it doesn't misfit and that's why a periodontist will always be the best one for this task.


Periodontal Health Professionals. LLC offers top-notch dental implants in Austin TX 78746. They ensure that you receive the right value for money and satisfaction. You will go back home with an all-new smile.

If you have a decaying tooth, are suffering from gum disease or lost a tooth due to decay, visit Periodontal Health Professionals. LLC in Austin TX 78746 for expert consultation.


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