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Exploring the Possibilities of Affixing Dental Implants After Periodontal Disease

Are you a periodontitis patient? If you are considering a dental implant procedure, it is important to get periodontal disease treated before going for the implant. Get implant placement after this disease is completely treated. It is prudent to note that implants can only be protected if good dental and oral hygiene practices are adopted. Few patients have a question like when should you visit a periodontist regarding your dental implants? Get in touch with your periodontist in Austin, Dr. Steve Flores, who provides the best periodontal care at Periodontal Health Professionals, LLC.

What is Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease occurs when there is buildup of bacteria in between the teeth and gums. The problem may begin as gingivitis and later advance into periodontitis. It can destroy and impair the tissues and bones that provide support to the teeth. If it remains ignored and unattended, it can result in tooth loss. It is good to know that periodontitis is a treatable disease.

Dental Implants After Periodontal Disease:

Periodontists usually recommend getting periodontal disease treated before the patient considers dental implants. If the disease is left untreated, dental implants may fail. It happens when infection develops around dental implants in Austin.

Thus, the patient must get the periodontal problem treated before considering dental implants to replace missing teeth. Even after the problem is treated, the Austin periodontist may take many measures and precautions to ensure the implants work perfectly. For example, in case of extensive loss of bone, a bone graft may be done before placing the implants.

Periodontal Maintenance After Dental Implants:

The patient must take good care of dental hygiene so that the problem does not re-occur. Experts might recommend them to follow advanced oral hygiene guidelines. Some of these recommendations are:

1. Regular Brushing and Flossing:

The Austin periodontist may recommend twice a day brushing and flossing to maintain good oral hygiene. It will help remove stuck food particles between teeth and tartar or plaque.

2. Use of Mouthwash:

Another recommendation by an expert periodontist in Austin like Dr. Steve Flores is about using mouthwash to reduce plaque that is missed while brushing and remaining food particles from the oral cavity.

3. Avoid Smoking:

Smokers are recommended to leave this habit as it may also cause periodontitis to flare up again.

4. Keep Regular Appointments:

Patients must keep regular cleaning appointments with their periodontist. It also gives a chance to the expert to identify symptoms of periodontitis, if any. It allows curbing the problem when it is in its beginning stage.


If you are suffering from a periodontitis problem, seek an appointment with Periodontal Health Professionals, LLC for Periodontist treatment in Austin immediately before getting the dental implant procedure done. Dr. Steve Flores is a seasoned practitioner. For more information call us at (512) 443-5704 and schedule an appointment today.


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