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Maintain the Health of Your Gums in Seven Effective Ways

Oral hygiene is as important as maintaining the health and hygiene of any other part. However, it has been widely observed that people tend to ignore gum health. Just because your teeth are aligned perfectly, it doesn't mean that you are any less susceptible to gum related diseases. In our previous blog, we have explained the 4 symptoms of gum disease in Austin. Here are some effective tips to keep your gums healthy and maintain teeth care of your gums.

7 Effective Points to Remember to Eliminate Gum Disease:

  1. Reduce Sugar Consumption:

    Sugar is one of the favorite foods of bacteria. Thus, the more food you supply to them, the faster they grow and quicker the teeth get damaged. In no time the infection spreads to the gum. Hence, one must check sugar consumption.

  2. Quit Smoking:

    Smoking is the root cause of numerous diseases, including severe gum issues. Not only does it increase the cause of grave damage to the gum, it also weakens the immune system. Thus, it becomes difficult to fight against the bacteria.

  3. Regular Flossing:

    Buildup of bacteria and food particles for a long time can lead to formation of tartar. Then it becomes difficult to remove them, and they can trigger gum diseases. With proper teeth care in Austin like daily flossing prevents this and keeps your teeth clean.

  4. Find The Appropriate Toothpaste:

    So many varieties are available in the market these days, how to choose the correct toothpaste? Check two vital factors - the toothpaste must be ADA certified and should contain fluoride.

  5. Brushing Daily:

    This is the most basic tip to keep one's gums healthy. Advised by ADA, brushing your teeth daily keeps harmful germs at bay. Try to brush at least twice a day, especially around back teeth where cavity formation is common. Don’t be harsh in brushing, since that can cause increased sensitivity and higher risk of gum recession.

  6. Regular Dental Checkups:

    Getting your teeth checked once in six months is a very good way to stay away from developing gum ailments. After all, professional attention is best for gum disease in Austin or any other tooth ailments.

  7. Perfect Mouthwash:

    Although the functions are similar, mouthwash must not be considered as a replacement for flossing and brushing teeth. As prescribed by ADA, kids below the age of six should not use mouthwash. It helps in preventing bad breath and tooth decay for adults.


If ignored, gum diseases can deteriorate and trigger many health issues. Thus, one should always opt for immediate attention from a reputable dental specialist. Dr. Steve Flores, at Periodontal Health Professionals. LLC, is an experienced periodontist in Austin. You can rely on Dr. Steve Flores. He can undeniably provide you with the best dental solution. Browse through the website of Periodontal Health Professionals LLC to discover the services offered by them. For more information, call us at 512-443-5704 right away.


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