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Five Necessary Reasons Conveying the Need to Consult a Periodontist

Have you ever tried to make sure to visit a regular dentist for a periodic check-up? General dentists take care of a number of issues related to your dental health viz. gum, teeth and overall oral condition. However, for specific gum related issues like root decay, gum infection, etc. you need to go to a periodontist. Periodontist is a specialized dentist who deals with issues related to your gums. In our previous blog, we have explained 4 phases of periodontitis that need a periodontist in Austin. Now, how do you know when is the time to visit a Periodontist Austin and not any general dentist? Read on to discover that from below.

5 Signs You Need to Consult a Periodontist in Austin:

Check out the signs which indicate that you have certain conditions which demand your visit to a periodontist.

  1. Receding Gums:

    Gums tend to recede owing to a lot of oral issues like licking the thumb, sucking lips or eating hard substances. Gum recession can also happen due to age. But, if you see that your gum is receding unnaturally without a reason, then you need to visit a periodontist. This can be alarming enough if you don't find any reason behind it.

  2. Loosening of Teeth:

    If you ever feel the loosening of your teeth, you need not waste a single moment. Head straight to the periodontist near you to check whether you have gum disease in Austin. This can be the sign of gum infection, root decay or bone thinning.

  3. Inflammation in Gums:

    This is surely a red alert. You need to visit a periodontist immediately. Unless you have hurt your gum, or a bone is stuck inside, you shouldn't have gum inflammation.

  4. Bite Change:

    This is a common sign which indicates that it's time to visit a periodontal expert. Do you feel anything different from the normal while you are brushing or eating? If yes, then you must go for periodontal care in Austin especially if your teeth feel different while chewing or talking. If not attended to imperatively, it could culminate in intricate complications. Transformed bite patterns can result in scenarios which are difficult to tackle.

  5. Gum Bleeding:

    Unless you are using the brush too aggressively, there is no reason for your gum to turn reddish. If the gums bleed while brushing, cleaning or eating, there is a strong possibility that your gums already have an infection. So, do not hesitate before visiting a periodontist.


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