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5 Indications That You Suffer From Gum Disease & the Solutions for It

It is prudent to understand that it includes teeth and gums when we talk about good oral health. Thus, people must take good care of their teeth and gums health to enjoy excellent overall dental health. Keeping an eye on certain tell-tale signs will help you stay prevented from gum diseases. Regular visits to a dentist for a thorough dental checkup can also identify the problem in its infancy. In our previous blog we have explained about what will happen if you leave your gum disease in Austin untreated? Read along to find the 5 signs of gum disease.

Dr. Steve Flores at Periodontal Health Professionals. LLC is a remarkable and reputed periodontist in Austin. He can quickly diagnose gum disease and suggest treatments to sort the problem before it escalates into a serious issue.

5 Signs That You Have Gum Disease in Austin:

People of all ages suffer from gum diseases. It is predominant to maintain ideal care of oral health to stay clear from these indications:

  1. Bleeding From Gums:

    If you notice bleeding after flossing or brushing your teeth, it is a symptom of gum disease. It is suggested to arrange a consultation with a seasoned dentist and avail gum disease in Austin immediately. It is a warning bell that should be taken seriously. Failing to do so can lead to periodontitis, which is advanced gum disease.

  2. Swelling and Redness:

    Another sign of gum disease in Austin you need to keep an eye on is swelling and redness in the gums. It can be all over the gum line or in an isolated area. Swollen and red gums are also sensitive to extreme temperature and touch. It could be due to inflammation happening from the lodgement of tartar and bacteria.

  3. Loose Teeth:

    Pockets will be visible below the gum line as a result of bacterial infections. This results in gum tissues separating from the tooth root. Decay can result in pain, sensitivity, and even the slightest movement.

  4. Receding Gum Line:

    Receding gum line is one more symptom of gum disease. Visit a gum care in Austin immediately and get the problem diagnosed so that timely treatment is initiated. In the case of gums pulling back, make the tooth root exposed and the tooth appearing longer. It results in bacteria attacking the tooth and eating away at the root, leading to decay and, ultimately, extraction.

  5. Gums Abscess:

    Another visible manifestation is an indication of gum disease in Austin. An abscess is not only very painful; it can also manifest in other symptoms like fever, swelling, etc.


Schedule an appointment and get the best periodontal care in Austin from Dr. Steve Flores at Periodontal Health Professionals. LLC. Timely treatment can help you stay safe. Inspect our website to gather more information regarding or call us at (512) 443-5704 and have a conversation.


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