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Exploring the Finest Alternatives for Missing Teeth Restoration

Do you want to substitute to replace missing teeth in Austin? If yes is the response, you must get the advice of Dr. Steve Flores at Periodontal Health Professionals, LLC. Missing teeth can be disastrous for your smile. Not only does it weaken the oral health, but it lowers self-esteem as well.

Nevertheless, there are certain outstanding remedies and 10 great ways to take care of your teeth you can rely on. Are you curious to gather certain facts about them? Well, read along.

Five Fantastic Alternatives for Substituting to Replace Missing Teeth in Austin:

Here are some options for replacing your missing tooth:

1. Dental Implants:

It's the finest remedy for replacing a missing tooth. Dental implants in Austin is a surgical procedure where the missing tooth is replaced with a natural-looking tooth. The dentist makes sure that the implant resembles your natural tooth closely.

However, it is not recommended for multiple teeth replacements. Also, this is a costly procedure.

2. Removable Partial Denture:

This is similar to dental implants but is more straightforward and less expensive. Removable partial dentures are recommended to people with few missing teeth. The removable partial dentures are mostly clasped at the required location to hold them in the right position.

3. Flipper:

It's also known as a temporary partial denture. You can flip it In and out, which is why the name flipper. It's similar to removable partial dentures but has no clasps. Connect with Dr. Steve Flores at Periodontal Health Professionals, LLC for deeper insights.

4. Tooth Supported Bridges:

These bridges use support from the existing teeth to place the bridge. The dentist then places crowns on the teeth besides the missing ones. This procedure, however, requires a few visits to your dentist.

5. Implant-Supported Bridges:

If you have multiple missing teeth in one row, this is a great solution. In dental implants, screwing multiple implants can be cumbersome. It's the reason why dentists prefer implant-supported bridges for multiple replacements.

The dentist places implants only at the ends of the missing tooth. And for the remaining tooth, the implants are placed without screwing.

Who Can Help You Replace Missing Teeth in Austin?

If you're in Austin and want to replace missing teeth in Austin, connect with Dr. Steve Flores at Periodontal Health Professionals, LLC. Dr. Steve Flores is an experienced Periodontist who can offer reliable, effective, and safe tooth replacement.


Steve Flores can help you with single, multiple, or full arch replacement. He's an experienced dental professional working at Periodontal Health Professionals, LLC.

So, if you are keen to avail the finest dental service, connect with Dr. Steve Flores now! For more information call us at (512) 443-5704 and schedule an appointment today.


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