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What Are The Stages of Periodontitis?

Periodontal conditions are widespread. They often turn into severe dental conditions. Periodontal diseases can be seen commonly among smokers. If ignored for a prolonged period, you will potentially have a higher chance of losing your tooth and bone damage. In our previous blog, we have explained the procedure carried out by a periodontist in Austin. However, early detection of periodontal infections can stop other teeth and gum line damage. Proper maintenance of oral hygiene is the key to healthy gum care.

Periodontal diseases damage the overall oral health and hygiene. A prolonged gum infection affects the jawbone, teeth, and gumline. Due to poor brushing and flossing techniques, tartar and plaque buildup creates various gum diseases in Austin.

4 Phases of Periodontitis That Need Periodontist in Austin:

  1. Inflammation (Gingivitis):

    Tartar and bacteria buildup causes Gingivitis. It can cause occasional lousy breath, inflamed and bleeding gums while brushing or flossing. Due to excessive bacteria build up, the gum tissues become red and inflamed. Maintaining good oral hygiene can reverse the effects of the condition.

  2. Early Periodontal Disease:

    It affects soft gum line tissues, and often, the patient faces no oral discomfort. It also has very mild symptoms but can eventually lead to bone loss. Inflamed and bleeding gums, receding space between gum and teeth named "pockets," and bad breath are the symptoms.

  3. Moderate Periodontal Disease:

    If left untreated, it can cause gum recession and severe pain and bleeding in the tooth surrounding the gumline. The inflammation can also spread to the body.

  4. Advanced Periodontal Disease:

    At the very advanced stage, the tooth surrounding soft tissues, gumline, and bones will deteriorate. Severe pain while chewing will be accompanied by bad breath and foul taste will be the result. The advanced stage also often needs surgery or laser therapy.

6 Indications You Need to Visit a Periodontist in Austin:

  1. Foul breath and metallic taste
  2. Red, inflamed gums with tenderness
  3. Receding gum line and teeth
  4. Plaque and tartar build up
  5. Severe pain while chewing
  6. Loss of teeth

With early detection, periodontitis treatment can become very successful. Following proper oral hygiene and cooperating with your trusted periodontist in Austin will create positive results.


If you are looking to find a professional periodontal care in Austin to avail reliable periodontal procedures or sedation dentistry solutions and emergency dental care, consider Dr. Steve Flores, DDS, MS. Dr. Steve Flores leads a seasoned team at Periodontal Health Professionals. LLC. Dr. Steve Flores has years of experience and expertise in periodontal care and oral sedation methods. He has served the community in Austin, TX for several years. Browse through our website to arrange for an appointment right away. Call 512-443-5704 to gather more information.


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